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Discover Pâtisseries Littéraire | Gia Lovelady

Also Visit the New Site ABOUT PAGE at : Pâtisseries Littéraire | Gia Lovelady

Learn about the author in the ABOUT section of Pâtisseries Littéraire. Discover the working team on Gia Lovelady’s current book and the author’s upcoming 2nd book in December 2023. The upcoming work will feature a whimsical view of getting married in a location in France that will astonish the avid admirer of Paris as the admirer discovers or re-discovers the beauty of Southern France. What’s in this marvelous book of brilliant, cogent passion? Be the first to find out. Stay tuned in – get connected to the author. Go to and leave a book review!


Gia Lovelady

Gia Lovelady, Author. To Be or Not To Be Chocolate

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